Our Approach

What Sustainability
means to Volcanic

At Volcanic, we strive to create employment and better quality of life for all those we encounter. As a company active in the mineral resource sector, Volcanic is in a constant process of engagement and consultation with internal and external stakeholders. We work closely with local communities, suppliers and contractors, investors, government authorities, financial regulators, and industry groups. Based on this engagement, we have a responsibility to develop the Holly Project with best practice ESG considerations as a starting point.

We have identified key ESG topics for which we aim to work to the highest levels of integrity, unity and transparency across our operations. These guiding values serve as a basis for decision-making, orientation of action, standards of behavior, and underpin our approach to sustainability. ESG topics we consider to be material to our business are as follows:




Climate Risk

Health & Safety

Human Rights & the Rights of Indigenous

Water Management

Community Investment &
Socioeconomic Development

Business Ethics, Transparency,
Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery Controls

Waste Reduction & Management

Community Health & Emergency

Diversity & Inclusion

Energy Use Alternatives & Efficiency



Volcanic is committed to realizing how our business may be changing the environment and understanding all the physical risks of climate change. We are committed to ongoing assessments as we make our investments and operational decisions to ensure the responsible management of natural resources, including land and water, and the ecosystems they support. Our strategy for addressing climate concerns includes reducing energy use, changing fuel consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing the amount of water used in operations, and minimizing waste. By bringing water to the exploration sites for operational activities, driving low-emission vehicles, and site rehabilitation, we work to reduce our impact wherever feasible.



At Volcanic, we strive to build positive relationships with all our stakeholders. The development and protection of our workers and community is a top priority. Volcanic develops and provides growth opportunities for our people and provides the skills infrastructure to support the development of our operations and projects.

Volcanic works with the local communities by generating job opportunities and supporting community-based initiatives. Furthermore, by providing financial and in-kind contributions, Volcanic works to contribute to long-term mutual prosperity and responsible development in Guatemala. We have undertaken several projects under our mandate to do better business in Guatemala, which are a core part of our business philosophy.



Volcanic’s policies and practices are in line with the policies and requirements of legislation, regulators, and markets. Management reports on strategy, plans, controls, results, risk, and key personnel performance and succession. Volcanic supports an experienced and engaged board of directors with the skill and experience to oversee and support the work of Management regarding our Code of Ethics, Whistleblower, and Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policies.



Volcanic is focused on the health and safety of our community and workforce, whether it concerns safety incidents or COVID-19. Volcanic undertakes measures to prevent and manage the transmission of COVID-19 and is committed to operating safely and profitability while maintaining these safeguards.